Me and My VE 2022: Human Factors Applications Using Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Virtual Environments
Event Type
Alternative Format
Virtual Environments
TimeFriday, October 14th11:30am - 1:00pm EDT
DescriptionThis abstract is a companion piece to the ninth iteration of the “Me and My VE'' interactive session. The purpose of this alternative format session is to allow human factors researchers to demonstrate how they use virtual reality, mixed reality, and virtual environments to support end-user research. The session begins with each presenter providing a brief introduction of their virtual reality, mixed reality, or virtual environment application. After this introduction, attendees engage with the presenters and their virtual environments in an interactive demonstration period. This year’s demonstrations include applications ranging from designing virtual environments for accessibility to using virtual and extended reality to support medical and aviation training, content validation, and human-computer interaction studies. The goal of the session is to allow attendees to experience how human factors professionals use virtual environments to support human factors-oriented research and to learn about the exciting work being conducted in this field.