Human-Robot Teams: A Discussion of the Emerging Trends
Event Type
Discussion Panel
Virtual Program Session
Human AI Robot Teaming (HART)
TimeTuesday, October 11th3:30pm - 5:00pm EDT
DescriptionAs technology advances, human robot-teams are becoming increasingly commonplace with team interactions taking place in a variety of military, industrial, service, and social settings. Consequently, as HR teams evolve, novel and unique considerations for how these teams interact and perform are rising. The purpose of this panel, therefore, is to begin the discussion on state-of-the-art issues and emerging trends that practitioners and researchers should scrutinize as the applications of HR teams expands. To provide a diverse set of perspectives, our panelists hail from a variety of backgrounds: military, industry, and academy. Talks will focus on moral and ethical considerations for human-agent decision-making, the influence of robots on team processes in human surgical teams, and on new considerations for trust in human-agent teams, including for covert measures of trust and for the inclusion of team cohesion in trust measurement.