Examining the Perpetual Issue of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) – Challenges, Gaps, and Opportunities
Event Type
Discussion Panel
Occupational Ergonomics
TimeTuesday, October 11th1:30pm - 3:00pm EDT
DescriptionAccording to Injury Facts® data reported annually by the National Safety Council (NSC), overexertion and bodily reactions have consistently been the leading cause of nonfatal injury or illness events involving days away from work. Data from NSC, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index and peer-reviewed research clearly emphasize the gravity of risk factors related to the worker, work, and workplace on MSD development. The NSC began a major initiative last year with a goal to examine the factors that influence MSDs systematically. With the support of a major industry partner, it formed an international advisory council consisting of stakeholders from industry, academic, and research communities. The invited panel of experts, all members of this advisory council, will present their views on challenges, gaps, and opportunities to mitigate MSDs. These panelists will also discuss various research, translation, and work practice related to MSDs.