Paving the Path for Sustainability in Design
Event Type
Discussion Panel
TimeWednesday, October 12th8:00am - 9:00am EDT
DescriptionWhat role can Human Factors & Ergonomics practitioners perform to pave the path to evolving sustainability in design? Being “green” is often perceived to cost money, requires a commitment of resources even when there is not an apparent return ROI, sometimes it is just about being a good global citizen and responsive to the plight of our planet, with no direct perceived monetary benefit (perhaps ever). This panel will be a social impact discussion hosted by the HFES Sustainability Taskforce. The participants will include HFES attendees in the audience along with Academia, Industries, and Influencers in the area of sustainability. This is an open forum for brainstorming, gathering actionable ideas to charter HF/E influence in sustainable design to improve our planet. Industries are chasing sustainability goals and looking for measurable sustainability targets as indicators of success. Let HFES help by guiding future & current practitioners who can help achieve goals