Reflections on Gender Bias and Disparity in the HF/E Profession
Event Type
Discussion Panel
General Sessions
TimeThursday, October 13th11:00am - 12:30pm EDT
DescriptionThis discussion panel brings together six female human factors professionals from academia and industry as well as from different levels of experience to discuss issues surrounding gender in the human factors field. Dr. Lum will start the discussion panel by highlighting her own experiences as well as facilitating the other panelists’ talks. Dr. Grier will discuss the potential limitations faced and decisions related to having children as a female working professional. Ms. Waldfogle will give her perspective as a female graduate student and tips that have worked for her to exert her voice. Dr. Hancock will focus on her efforts to provide a more inclusive and equitable playing field through her service experiences. Dr. Papautsky will discuss work-life balance as a female parent and a working professional. Lastly, Dr. Hughes will discuss the disparity in production of work and how gender differences and race play a part in job placement and advancement. Then the panel will open the floor to the audience for an informal discussion on ways that we can foster a more inclusive environment for all and potentially applications of the human factors perspective to do so.