Maximizing Research Impact: A Panel Discussion On Method Selection for Non-Research Stakeholders
Event Type
Discussion Panel
Virtual Program Session
Usability and System Evaluation
TimeThursday, October 13th1:30pm - 3:00pm EDT
DescriptionOne rarely discussed consideration in method selection is how non-research stakeholders may view the outcomes in light of the selected method. In an applied context, these stakeholders may be the primary decision makers. Thus, it is important to maximize the impact research has on these stakeholders. HF/E researchers should understand their stakeholder’s background and preconceptions, as these affect how the stakeholder consumes research; They may view certain methods as more or less impactful, regardless of validity. This is a sometimes overlooked consideration for HF/E researchers when designing their studies. This panel, drawn from a diverse background, will discuss their experience in accommodating and/or integrating stakeholder perspectives into their research design. Audience members will be given the opportunity to ask panelists questions during the latter portion of the panel.

Panel Introduction: 5 minutes, Panelist Presentations: 40 minutes, Q&A Time: 45 minutes.