Advancing Patient Care Excellence through Human Factors Engineering
Event Type
Discussion Panel
Health Care
TimeThursday, October 13th8:00am - 9:00am EDT
DescriptionThe Healthcare environment is one of great complexity that integrates people, time dependencies, complicated devices, and extensive amounts of digital information. This socio-technical environment pushes the boundaries of clinicians’ cognitive limitations to identify, process and react in a timely manner to ensure patient safety.

Applying Human Factors Engineering (HFE) principles to healthcare delivery, assists in ensuring that our tools, technology, and processes do not exceed the cognitive capacity of our users. ECRI, a nonprofit dedicated to improving safety, quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare, and Jefferson Health, an 18 hospital system in PA and NJ, formed a partnership with the primary objective of developing a process to apply clinically-informed HFE within real-world safety and quality operations.

Our Panel is comprised of members from ECRI and Jefferson Health. They will introduce three studies that were conducted at Jefferson Health and describe the measurable impact the integration of Clinically-informed Human Factors Experts had on clinician performance and patient outcome.