Interpersonal Coordination and Synchronization in Human-Machine Teams
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TimeFriday, October 14th10:24am - 10:42am EDT
DescriptionThis study examined dyadic team coordination dynamics to understand teammate influence when humans team with an intelligent machine. In a synthetic remotely piloted aircraft system environment, heterogeneous teams of three members were required to take good photos of critical target waypoints during simulated missions by interacting with each other via text chat. Two conditions were considered in this research: the “synthetic” condition, in which the navigator and photographer were informed that the pilot was a “synthetic agent”; and the control condition, in which the team members were informed that the pilot was a remotely-located human teammate. The study findings are threefold: (1) the synthetic teams demonstrated rigid dynamics than the control teams, (2) while there was a synchronization between human-human team members in both conditions, that synchronization was not observed between human-machine teammates, (3) in synthetic condition, human team members led the machine teammate when they were interacting with it.