Human in the Loop Evaluations of a Taxi Assistance Tool for Pilots
Event Type
Virtual Program Session
Aerospace Systems
TimeFriday, October 14th9:48am - 10:06am EDT
DescriptionRunway Incursions (RIs) – the improper presence of an aircraft on a runway - have proven difficult to reduce below current levels. RIs are mostly the result of pilot deviations (PDs), and most pilot deviations are made by general aviation (GA) pilots. MITRE is developing a taxi assistance concept to create taxi guidance and conformance technology with the hope of reducing RIs caused by lost, distracted, or confused pilots. This research is primarily focused on smaller Class D airports where GA traffic is higher, and controllers do not have advanced technologies in the tower cab. Three studies were conducted evaluating pilot interaction with MITRE’s taxi assistance application, as implemented as an iPad application. Study results provided design guidance and evidence that these applications could reduce the likelihood of RIs caused by pilots. In this paper we will briefly review each study.