Methods of Training to Overcome Distraction Via Diminished Reality
Event Type
Student Forum
TimeThursday, October 13th4:30pm - 4:45pm EDT
DescriptionCombining theories of learning and a novel technology, diminished reality (DR), may aid in the creation of training for complex tasks in distracting environments. DR can de-emphasize elements of an environment to improve attention and there may be a benefit in extending these effects to training methods. One method of diminishment, called emphasis training, aids learning by directing attention to a specific part of a task, rather than the whole task, which may improve performance. However, high initial performance can hinder learning, suggesting that “desirable difficulties,” such as outside stressors during a task, are key to designing training that scaffolds learners to be able to work with distractions. Although, there may be a level of distraction that is an impediment to learning. We hypothesize that using DR to gradually introduce desirable difficulties will train the operator to perform in distracting environments, enhance long term retention, and promote transfer of skills.