Effect of Payment Methods in Crowdsourcing Platforms
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Virtual Program Session
TimeThursday, October 13th8:30am - 8:45am EDT
DescriptionThe use of an online crowdsourcing platform makes it easier and quicker for researchers to recruit participants online. It also allows researchers to adopt another payment method traditionally used on crowdsourcing platforms: the piece-rate payment method. This paper investigated the effects of the participants' location, the payment method, and the compensation rate on subjective experience, motivation, and perceived payment fairness. This paper extends last year's paper, in which the participants' location and the payment method were the focus of the investigation. Two additional studies have been conducted using piece-rate payment method. The data were analyzed using a 3-way ANOVA and a chi-square test of independence. The results showed that the piece-rate payment method was less likely to attract workers who were motivated to work for money than the quota payment method. There was no difference in perceived payment fairness between using a quota payment method and a piece-rate payment method.