SecureLD: Secure And Accessible Learning for Students with Disabilities
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TimeWednesday, October 12th2:00pm - 2:15pm EDT
DescriptionCOVID-19 has impacted various sectors of everyday living, including the education sector. Due to the pandemic, the educational institutions everywhere were forced to switch to the online platform as per CDC guidelines. However, the transition and adaptation to the online learning format have had varied effects on different populations. This study looks at 62 students with disabilities and their experience with online learning. The technology and tools used in online learning have many vulnerabilities related to privacy and security; thus, we aim to understand students' perceptions of security and privacy in an online learning platform. We have found that, although students with learning disabilities like the option of online learning, they want and require more guidance and coordination in learning to use online learning platforms. We also see that neurodiverse students with learning disabilities recognize the need for a secure and privacy-preserving online learning environment.