Flip-Flops: A Survey of Risk Perception and Acceptance
Event Type
Virtual Program Session
Forensics Professional
TimeWednesday, October 12th8:00am - 8:20am EDT
DescriptionThis study’s goal was to better understand risk tolerance associated with wearing flip-flops. A review of existing biomechanical data revealed substantial differences in gait kinematics and kinetics and an increased risk of falling when wearing flip-flops. However, users’ awareness of this increased risk and its potential influence on footwear decisions have not been studied. Nearly 800 participants were surveyed to evaluate usage behaviors of flip-flop wearers. Most participants found flip-flops comfortable and easy to wear, recognized the increased likelihood of a slip, trip, or misstep when wearing flip-flops, and reported experiencing such an event, mostly without injury. Older adults were less likely to have these attitudes and experiences regarding flip-flops. Despite the collective practical knowledge of an increased risk of a slip, trip, or misstep, most participants accepted the risk and chose to wear flip-flops, i.e., footwear choice was infrequently affected by awareness of the increased risk.