The TRUSTS Work System Resilience Framework: A Foundation for Resilience-Aware Development and Transition
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Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
TimeFriday, October 14th12:42pm - 1:00pm EDT
DescriptionDespite decades of effort to improve information technology (IT) transition, the success rate re-mains low with each failure representing substantial losses of time, money, and resources. When technologies do transition, they often are ignored and worked around. Worse, they may disrupt work or interfere with work-system responses to challenges. We posit that a systems-centered approach to transition grounded in complex-systems science and resilience engineering can sig-nificantly improve technology adoption rates. To serve as the foundation for this approach, we developed a framework that specifies resilience characteristics of high-consequence work sys-tems. The framework, called the Transform with Resilience during Upgrades to Socio-Technical Systems (TRUSTS) Framework, is the basis for IT development tools and guidance that enable re-silience-aware development and transition. The tools and guidance will help development teams design and evaluate technologies that contribute to work system performance during escalated and nonroutine demands and conditions, i.e., to work system resilience.