Identifying Individual-, Team-, and Organizational-Level Factors that Affect Team Performance in Complex Domains Based on Recent Literature
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Student Forum
TimeThursday, October 13th11:00am - 11:15am EDT
DescriptionWorking in teams provides several advantages to dynamic, data-driven domains, but can also add a layer of complexity to operations. There have been several reviews on teams and team performance analysis; however, there has been limited work in the last five years that has examined micro- and macro-level factors that affect overall team performance. Previous research has proposed a framework within healthcare characterizing team characteristics into three categories: individual contributions, team processes, and organizational structures. However, it is still unclear how new emerging topics in the team literature fit within this framework. Here we provide more specific definitions of the three categories proposed and conduct a review that builds on this framework by adding topics identified from the current literature. To this end, we carried out a systematic search of the human factors literature to examine the research on team performance across various domains from the past five years centered. We then propose ideas for future research on team performance.