Towards a more Connected Home: User Attitudes and Perceptions after an Integrated Home Technology Exposure
Event Type
Virtual Program Session
Usability and System Evaluation
TimeThursday, October 13th4:00pm - 4:15pm EDT
DescriptionRecent advancements in Internet of Things (IoT) have introduced many smart home technologies that can provide higher levels of care and convenience to residents. This study aims at understanding user experience in a more connected home and the extent to which previous experience with and exposure to smart home systems can influence user acceptance and adoption of smart home technologies. Using a smart home prototype, a 3-week field trial was conducted to simulate an integrated home environment. Data were gathered after self-installation and after completion of the trial. Results show that technology exposure had positive influence on participants’ attitudes and opinions towards using smart home systems for various tasks. Moreover, participants reported high levels of satisfaction with the self-installation process which aimed to address consumers’ complaints regarding complex setup processes. Results will be discussed based on the practical and commercial implications regarding deployment of home devices.