Assessment of Situation Awareness in Automated Driving Using Eye-fixation Related EEG Analysis
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Perception and Performance
TimeThursday, October 13th8:12am - 8:24am EDT
DescriptionMaintaining situation awareness (SA) is essential for drivers to deal with the situations that Society of Automotive Engineers Level 3 automated vehicle systems are not designed to handle. This pilot study was to measure SA through the fixation-related EEG (FRE) during a simulated driving task and apply machine learning for prediction. A total of 30 participants were recruited and performed automated driving tasks. These tasks varied in terms of secondary tasks performed in the pre-take over (TOR) segment. In the post-TOR segment, drivers were expected to gather information from the driving environment in preparation for a vehicle-to-driver transition, and the FRE were extracted. The FRE approach could predict the phase of SA development with an accuracy of 75.1%.