Influencing IoT Device User Privacy Behaviors: An Empirical Study
Event Type
Virtual Program Session
TimeFriday, October 14th12:00pm - 12:15pm EDT
DescriptionInternet of Things (IoT) devices prevalence is increasing in volume and variety (Fagan, Megas, Scarfone, & Smith, 2019), therefore ensuring users take appropriate measures to protect their privacy is important to ensure the safety of their devices’ meeting expectations. Unfortunately, device users are generally unaware of how device’s work and therefore how to properly setup their device’s privacy features (Olmstead & Smith, 2017). The present study evaluated two interventions designed to address these needs. First, in an attempt to increase access and understanding of the terms and conditions by users, a Terms and Conditions Guru was designed that presented important information throughout the IoT device set up. Second, in an attempt to encourage users to adjust their settings in an appropriate manner, user settings profiles were created. This paper presents the methods, results, and recommendations for IoT interface design.