Perception of Robot Power: Scale Development
Event Type
Student Forum
TimeTuesday, October 11th4:15pm - 4:30pm EDT
DescriptionRobots are increasingly utilized to work with humans in collaborative tasks. While there is a growing body of research investigating individual measures that impact human-robot interaction (HRI), to our knowledge, no measure exists to quantify an individual’s perception of robot power. How powerful one perceives robots could be a driving factor in an individual’s attitudes toward robots and their trust in HRI. This study aims to develop and validate a scale to quantify peoples’ general perception of the power of robots. Preliminary results from exploratory factor analyses with nearly 60% of planned participants revealed three potential factors: companion/task robots, social coworking robots, and domineering robots. Future work will examine whether and how the scale predicts behavior to continue to refine the scale and isolate its measurement.