Effect of Fatigue on Trust and Workload While Collaborating with AI-enabled Infrastructure Visual Inspection Systems
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Student Forum
TimeTuesday, October 11th3:30pm - 3:45pm EDT
DescriptionPrevious research has identified human trust decreases as the reliability of the AI decreases, resulting in a higher task workload. This study extends this past research by evaluating the effect of mental fatigue on perceived trust and workload demand while interacting with various reliability levels of AI. To simulate mental fatigue, we induced artificial mental fatigue in the participants using a TloadDback task. The effect of three levels of reliability and two levels of mental states (fatigued vs. non-fatigued) were investigated in this study. Our results showed that the perceived level of trust decreases in a fatigued state compared to a non-fatigued state. No interaction effect between reliability and fatigue was found, but trust decreased independently with reliability and fatigue. Similarly, mental demand and effort increased when the participants were fatigued. These results indicate that mental fatigue affects trust and mental workload in human collaborators more than the non-fatigued state.