Human Interaction with Intelligent Virtual Assistant in a Noisy Environment
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Computer Systems
TimeThursday, October 13th8:12am - 8:24am EDT
DescriptionWhile the use of intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) has grown in recent years, few studies examine how these technologies perform in the real-world, particularly in an office setting. This study investigates the impact of IVA in a noisy environment on office task performance and overall workload and compares it to the manual procedure. Data is collected through a within-subject study design with 48 participants performing three tasks (i.e., sending an email, setting up a timer/reminder, and running an internet search) at different noise types (i.e., silence, non-verbal, and verbal noise). Findings showed that while in silence, IVA improved the performance of tasks that usually require high manual input (sending an email). However, this improvement faded with background noise (increased IVA errors and completion times). Also, participants experienced higher workload with background noise. Outcomes of this research can be utilized for future development of IVA systems to better meet real-world situations.