FORENSIC TECHNIQUE: The Utilization of 3D Laser Scans for Topographic Mapping of Walking Surfaces
Event Type
Virtual Program Session
Forensics Professional
TimeWednesday, October 12th8:40am - 9:00am EDT
DescriptionThis case study demonstrates the forensic technique of utilizing 3D scans to provide visual topographic information about a walking surface. The case study involves a woman who allegedly experienced a slip and fall on a transition from a concrete curb ramp to an asphalt parking lot. A portion of the allegations included the potential of ice forming in the area, contributing to the fall. The plaintiff’s expert performed measurements which resulted in the reporting of inaccurately high changes in elevation in the area concluding that there were areas where water could accumulate. With the utilization of 3D scans, we were able to create a topographic map of the area and demonstrate there were no areas where precipitation could accumulate significantly. This methodology is useful to practitioners for the investigation of cases in which the question of changes in elevation and / or slopes are in question