Preliminary Validation of a Virtual UAM Vehicle and Simplified Cockpit Interface
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Aerospace Systems
TimeTuesday, October 11th2:15pm - 2:30pm EDT
DescriptionUrban Air Mobility (UAM), is attracting considerable interest/investment from industry and government agencies. UAM refers to a system of passenger and small-cargo air transportation vehicles within an urban area to reduce demands for surface transportation. Estimates of UAM markets range $2- $4 billion by 2030. Before UAM benefits can be realized, there are many challenges that must be overcome especially those related to the inability of the current air traffic management system to manage urban airspace. In the near term these vehicles will require pilots, yet the anticipated pilot shortage makes training and certification another barrier to UAM. We report on a preliminary validation of a virtual UAM vehicle simulation tool that can be used to evaluate air traffic management concepts, cockpit interfaces and novice/expert pilot performance. Our initial validation test of the simulator and the effects of a novel cockpit interface on novice and expert pilots is reported.