Exploring the Use of Cognitive Assistants for Online Classrooms
Event Type
Virtual Program Session
TimeFriday, October 14th12:42pm - 1:00pm EDT
DescriptionThe Covid-19 pandemic has placed an unprecedented demand on the use of virtual learning environments. However, the rapid adoption of tools to transition from in-person to virtual instruction has left many questions unanswered as to how learning may be optimized when in-person interactions are no longer available. Additionally, there exists a gap in supporting both instructors and trainees, synchronously, during learning experiences. In this paper, we explore how this gap may be bridged by leveraging the lessons learned, practices, and technologies created in the operational world in the form of Cognitive Assistants (CA). CAs have emerged as a novel means to support both individuals and teammates as they accomplish their work in domains as varied as maintenance or healthcare. This early work identifies a series of affordances which a CA may leverage to support both instructors and trainees, for the purpose of optimizing learning in an online classroom.