Exploring Augmented Reality Triage Tools to Support Mass Casualty Incidents
Event Type
Virtual Program Session
Product Design
TimeThursday, October 13th11:15am - 11:30am EDT
DescriptionARTTS is a head-worn Augmented Reality (AR) Triage Tool Suite containing an initial sorting tool, virtual assessment tool, and virtual triage tag to assist first responders in mass casualty incidents. The initial sort-ing tool prompts stunned responders through first-wave tasks to aid recalibration from shock to triage. The virtual assessment tool provides novice responders, potentially confused by the chaos, with a walkthrough of the SALT triage flowchart. Finally, current emergency medical triage processes leverage static paper tags susceptible to loss or illegible damage. ARTTS’ virtual triage tags are dynamic, can be updated automatically with vital sensors or manually through responder interaction, and employ user interface emergent features based on individual patient conditions. This paper describes the UX process used to develop ARTTS.