Perception and Comprehension of the Hurricane Threats and Impacts Graphics
Event Type
Perception and Performance
TimeThursday, October 13th3:30pm - 3:48pm EDT
DescriptionEffective tropical cyclone risk reduction is possible only if all relevant threats are considered and analyzed. Recently, weather organizations have expanded their forecast products to include more information about tropical cyclone hazards. Of these products, the Hurricane Threats and Impacts (HTI) graphics are gaining support. Although the HTI graphics have been operational since 2015, no user evaluations of their efficacy have been published. In an online experiment with 114 non-expert participants, we explored the effect of prior tropical cyclone experience and storm characteristics on HTI perceived ease of use, task completion time, and comprehension. Overall, perceived ease of use and comprehension scores were low across the experience groups. Completion times were similar across the groups and storms. The results suggest that the HTI graphics are misinterpreted by the public and may not be effective in communicating tropical cyclone hazards.