The Effect of Acute Stress on Privacy Decision-Making
Event Type
Student Forum
TimeFriday, October 14th10:00am - 10:15am EDT
DescriptionInternet users’ digital privacy decisions are closely connected with their level of trust of information security, privacy concern, and perceived risks and benefits of internet use. One psychological factor that may potentially alter such privacy-related behaviors is acute stress, as it has shown to a have great influence on a range of cognitive functions include general laboratory-based decision-making. This study will employ a between-subject design in which participants will be randomly assigned to either an acute stress condition or a control condition. Moreover, potential moderators, including trust and privacy fatigue, will be measured. We expect that participants who are exposed to acute stress will have poorer privacy decision-making outcomes, which will be represented by more frequent acceptance of online cookies and default privacy settings. Moreover, this relationship is expected to be magnified among individuals with low levels of Internet trust and those with high levels of privacy fatigue.