Designing for Mutually Beneficial Decision Making in Human-Agent Teaming
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Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
TimeWednesday, October 12th8:15am - 8:30am EDT
DescriptionThis paper presents a joint decision-making framework between human and artificial intelligent agents in an effort to create a cohesive team uninhibited by each other’s actions. Based on the well-known Recognition Primed Decision-Making Model, our framework expands upon RPD's single decision maker to be more Human-Agent Teaming (HAT) oriented. Specifically, our framework includes three layers of shared cognition to ensure both a consistent level of transparency between members and the efficient completion of the task. The first layer provides itself as a foundation of expectations that provides familiarity recognition in a situation. The second layer categorizes the environmental features into relevant decisions informing the symbiotic nature of who should and how to enact decisions collaboratively, which is the third layer. Altogether, this mutually beneficial decision-making model emphasizes transparency so that both humans and artificial agents are equal partners in completing tasks and unique situations.
PhD candidate & Graduate research assistant
Wilfred P. and Helen S. Tiencken Associate Professor