The Effectiveness of Active Shooter Responses for Civilians and Law Enforcement
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TimeWednesday, October 12th3:30pm - 4:30pm EDT
LocationPoster Gallery
DescriptionThe number of active shooter incidents has been increasing over the past two dec-ades. Furthermore, these events have become increasingly more fatal as the average num-ber of casualties per incident has simultaneously been rising. As a result, finding more ef-ficient ways to respond to these threats is essential. The literature evaluating current methodologies, specifically the “Run, Hide, Fight” technique, revealed that not much re-search has been done on its effectiveness, especially with respect to law enforcement’s responses. Additionally, the training medium for active shooter training for both law en-forcement and civilians has not been evaluated. A survey of twelve people (six law en-forcement officers, six teachers) revealed that there was a discrepancy between the civil-ians’ response with what law enforcement thought was safe and effective (three stated that current techniques were effective, three stated that current techniques were not). Fu-ture training must coordinate both law enforcement and civilian responses.