Data Variability in Adverse Event Reporting Systems and the Potential Role of Interface Design
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TimeWednesday, October 12th4:30pm - 5:30pm EDT
LocationPoster Gallery
DescriptionAdverse event reporting systems (AERSs) are viewed as critical tools for improving patient safety. However, they face a number of problems, one of which is that differences in design may play a role in influencing their usefulness. We investigated how changes to AERS interfaces may lead to variability in the data they collect and their perceived usability. Our findings highlight that there is variability in AERS responses, though it is unclear what role the interface design played into this variability. Our findings also suggest that improving the usability of AERSs, and reducing the time it takes to use them, may be able to help with some of the problems AERS face. These findings support calls to action which suggest that we should revamp how we approach AERSs; however, given the likelihood that AERSs continue to be utilized as-is, we should look to make improvements with the strategies we have available.