Past President's Forum: The Future of HFES by Some Who Will Create It
Event Type
Special Session
General Sessions
TimeTuesday, October 11th10:30am - 12:00pm EDT
DescriptionOne of the evident disadvantages of aging is the unfortunate trend to focus more on the past and less on the future. Presidents are often older individuals, and past-Presidents are often older still. Therefore, to counteract such prevailing propensities, I have elected to look at our collective future and recruited a number of up-coming HFES scientists, researchers, and professionals to accomplish this aim. For, they will live that future since, pragmatically, I am not liable to do so myself. Our Panel collectively considers the future of the discipline, the profession and the Society through comments upon current trends and anticipated and anticipatable developments. While the following individuals have been kind enough to agree to formally participate, the session itself encourages all to whom the future holds fascination and promise to also avail themselves of the opportunity for prognostication, prevision, prescience, and kenspeckled prospection.