Understanding and Applying the Human Readiness Level (HRL) Scale
Event Type
TimeMonday, October 10th8:30am - 12:00pm EDT
DescriptionThis three-hour workshop supports knowledge and application of the Human Readiness Level (HRL) scale described in ANSI/HFES 400-2021 Human Readiness Level Scale in the System Development Process. The HRL scale is a simple nine-level scale designed to supplement the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale in order to evaluate, track, and communicate the readiness of a technology or system for safe and effective human use. Application of the HRL scale ensures proper attention to human systems design throughout system development, which minimizes or prevents human error and enhances the user experience.

Learning objectives for the workshop include:
(1) Understand HFES 400-2021 development and contents – Instructors will describe evolution of the HRL concept to convey its significance and the rigor behind development of the technical standard. Instructors will walk through major sections of the standard and describe how to apply them.
(2) Learn how the HRL scale is applied in current and historical acquisition programs – Instructors will describe real-world Army applications of the HRL scale, including a case study of a software modernization program.
(3) Apply the HRL scale to practical real-world problems – Students will gain hands-on experience applying the HRL scale during group exercises that simulate teamwork during the system development process. Group exercises incorporate three different scenarios representing both hardware and software solutions at various stages of technological development. The hands-on exercises specifically address common questions regarding practical use of the HRL scale.

Workshop attendees do not need prior HF/E knowledge or expertise. The HRL scale is intended to be applied by human systems professionals with appropriate expertise and experience; however, recipients of HRL scale ratings include many other types of personnel in design, engineering, and acquisition as well as high-level decision makers, all of whom benefit from understanding the role of the HRL scale in the system development process. Before attending the workshop, students should download a free copy of the ANSI/HFES technical standard at and bring it to the workshop in electronic or hard copy format. Laptops are not necessary for the workshop but may facilitate notetaking and completion of the group exercises.