Workshop on Applying Model-Based Systems Engineering in Human Systems Integration
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TimeMonday, October 10th9:00am - 4:30pm EDT
DescriptionModel Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is being applied across the Department of Defense and Industry to improve the speed and robustness of engineering design and development. These models serve as the authoritative source when understanding the requirements, structure, and behavior of systems. While the languages, methods, and tools used in MBSE practices were designed with a software and hardware focus, these languages, methods, and tools can be readily adapted to include human-related information to aid system specification and communication which can benefit human operators, maintainers, and users. This workshop is designed to provide attendees with an overview of the Systems Modeling Language, one of the more common MBSE languages, common modeling methods and a common modeling tool. Examples of human representations will be provided. Attendees will understand how MBSE is used to depict systems and how to interpret common modeling artifacts, be able to apply these tools to represent human interaction in MBSE models and analyze the utility of these models for understanding the robustness of human-machine interfaces and interactions.