Behavioral data analytics with R
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TimeMonday, October 10th9:00am - 4:30pm EDT
DescriptionData analytics, machine learning, and the increasing demand for experts in quantitative user experience present challenges and opportunities for behavioral scientists and human factors engineers. Data analytics and machine learning draw on techniques that are unfamiliar to many behavioral scientists, but data scientists may be unfamiliar with many important features of behavioral data. This workshop provides practical skills in behavioral data analytics and also addresses important issues specific to behavioral data. Participants will learn data manipulation and visualization techniques. They will apply these techniques to exploratory data analysis, machine learning, and model understanding. The workshop includes exercises and examples using the statistical package “R” that include: complex data reduction, creation of machine learning models, selection of cross-validation techniques suited to behavioral data, and visualization of predictions, and techniques to make models understandable. The workshop also includes a survey of machine learning techniques, such as text analysis, and resources in R.