Dr. Sagherian’s program of research is around fatigue, sleep, and recovery, particularly in 12-hour shift nurses. In her presentation, Dr. Sagherian will first highlight the importance of simplifying self-reported measures and focus on acute fatigue for fatigue risk management is in the workplace. Second, from a pragmatic perspective, Dr. Sagherian will discuss the importance of conducting validation studies around passive data monitoring and if the data truly capture workers who are tired or at high risk, and in combining active and passive data monitoring to inform one or the other. Related to passive monitoring, peak saccadic speed is a valid fatigue measure that requires looking into an eye tracking device (Di Stasi et al., 2014), yet the technology for industrial use is in its early stages and may face resistance from workers. Third, it is necessary to open a discussion around the responsibility of each party (administration and staff) around schedules and during the data monitoring process when extremely fatigue cases are identified and the liability and staffing challenges around them. This also includes staff who will be trained to monitor fatigue and intervene when necessary, during work hours.