Michael E. Miller is a Professor of Systems Engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology. Mike teaches courses in human factors, human performance modeling, and human systems integration, including a course in Human-Agent Teaming. Prior to joining AFIT in 2010, Mike was a Human Factors Engineer at Eastman Kodak where he contributed to several products, including pioneering a new OLED device architecture that was commercialized by LG Display in the first commercially available OLED television. Mike holds a PhD from Virginia Tech in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, the International Council on Systems Engineering, as well as a senior member of Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers and the Society for Information Display. Mike’s recent research has focused on human representations in systems engineering models, including a SysML extension for developing descriptive models of systems which include small teams of humans and agents working to seek common goals.