David Desaulniers
Dr. Desaulniers is a senior level scientist at the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). He currently serves as NRC’s Senior Technical Advisor for Human Factors and Human Performance Evaluation, addressing emerging technical and policy issues concerning human factors and human performance in nuclear safety. He obtained his doctorate in Psychology from Rice University in Houston Texas where he specialized in Engineering Psychology. During the past 30+ years his work has addressed a wide range of technical and policy issues where there is a nexus between the design and operation of nuclear power plants, human and organizational performance, and the protection of public health and safety. This work has included development of requirements for the management of worker fatigue at nuclear power plants, promoting the application of human and organizational factors to improve nuclear power plant resilience to extreme external events, development of methods and guidelines for validating control room designs, and development of a framework for integrated, risk-informed human factors reviews of advanced nuclear power plant designs.