Nancy Currie-Gregg
Nancy Currie-Gregg is Deputy Director and Chief Technology Officer at Texas A&M University's Bush Combat Development Complex where she is responsible for national defense research and
development projects. She holds appointments in Industrial and Systems Engineering and
Aerospace Engineering and is internationally recognized for her human-system integration, safety
engineering, and risk management expertise.
Dr. Currie-Gregg spent the vast portion of her career supporting NASA's human spaceflight
programs and projects. Selected as an astronaut in 1990, she accrued 1000 hours in space as a
mission specialist on four space shuttle missions. Following the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy in 2002, she led the Safety and Mission Assurance Office, enabling the safe return to flight of the
Space Shuttle. She then served for over a decade as Chief Engineer and Principal Engineer with the NASA Engineering and Safety Center, conducting interdisciplinary engineering assessments critical to NASA's human spaceflight programs. As a retired U.S. Army Colonel and Master Army Aviator, she logged over 4,000 flying hours in military aircraft.
Dr. Currie-Gregg received her bachelor's degree in biological sciences from The Ohio State
University, a master of science in safety engineering from the University of Southern California, and a doctorate in industrial engineering from the University of Houston.