Jennifer I. Park
Dr. Park has extensive training in the areas of perception, learning, and memory and how they influence behavior, as well as considerable experience in experimental design and data analysis. She applies her expertise to address and analyze human factors contributions to a wide range of scenarios including trips, slips, and falls, automobile accidents, product warnings and safety information, and use of consumer products.

Dr. Park received her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Southern California (USC). Her research focused on somatosensation, decision making, and learning in both normal and disease conditions. She utilized a wide variety of techniques including brain imaging and genetic, behavioral, psychophysical, and biological methods. As a pioneer in an emerging field, she trained and advised scientists from around the world in specialized, cutting edge techniques and data analysis methods. In addition, Dr. Park was a neurobiology instructor at the University of Southern California, teaching undergraduates about the structure, function, and development of the nervous system; sensation and perception; and neural integration and mechanisms of behavior. Prior to joining Exponent, Dr. Park served as Director of Operations and Communications for Neurolabware, a research technologies company focused on developing brain imaging systems.