Naomi J. Anderson, MPH, is an Epidemiologist with the Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries, Safety & Health Assessment & Research for Prevention (SHARP) program and has worked in occupational health surveillance since 2007. Naomi has worked as a co-investigator on NIOSH-funded grants and WA-Legislature-funded surveillance projects with specific training and expertise in analyzing workers’ compensation data and other large datasets (e.g. hospital discharge data, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data) to identify, track, and prevent work-related injuries and illnesses such as amputations, occupational asthma, and work-related burns. Naomi is currently the project epidemiologist for the Washington State Janitorial Workload project and is conducting NIOSH-funded work on the health & safety of WA firefighters. Her interests include survey methodology and occupational health disparities.