Dr. Ann M. Bisantz is currently a professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering, and also the dean of Undergraduate Education, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY. For the past years of research, she has worked on (1) Interdisciplinary work in Cognitive Engineering applied to Health and Medical Systems, which has pursued a substantial research program with medical and Industrial Engineering colleagues, funded by the Agency for Health Research on Quality, the Emergency Medicine Foundation, and the NYS DOH (in cooperation with the HITEC), which is addressing systems engineering design approaches to home health informatics, health informatics, including patient tracking systems in hospital emergency departments, AAC and rehabilitative devices and interoperable electronic health records. She served as Co-director of UB strategic Center for Home Health and Well Being through Adaptive Smart Environments. (2) Methodological Developments in Cognitive Engineering, where she participated in the design of concepts for command and control systems and human-automation design for a large-scale military and medical system. She mainly worked on redefined and applied methodologies in Cognitive Engineering and Work Analysis to meet the demands of a time-pressured and information-limited design environment, and to link models to those used in Systems Engineering. (3) Interdisciplinary work in Information Visualization and Decision Making Conducted research funded by numerous defense agencies, the Calspan-UB Research Center, and NSF CAREER award to investigate methods of visualizing uncertainty information to model and support human decision making. This work has involved, in part, collaborations with researchers from the Department of Mechanical Engineering to investigate the use of multi-model, virtual reality representations of uncertainty for geospatial and command-and-control information.