I am currently a Third Year Phd Student at UCF in the Human Factors and Cognitive Phd Program. I am currently conducting distracted driving research under the guidance of my faculty advisor Dr. Mustapha Mouloua. I have interest in looking at how physiological and neuropsychological factors can influence individuals when driving and especially when they are distracted by commonplace secondary tasks such as texting or taking on the phone. I am also interested in doing this research with special population such as individuals with ADHD or a working memory disorder, older individuals who have mild cognitive impairment, and even young adults with autism spectrum disorder. Additionally I am interested in investigating the impact of cellular device presence and reliance on task performance, physiological response, and workload. I want my research to be able to bridge the gap in the literature between distractions and disorders affecting worse driver performance to limit the amount of economical and physical harm accidents cause on the road today. Future aspirations of my research would be to branch out into investigating similar ideas, but in the context of self driving cars, which are becoming more apparent and relevant in today's age with companies such as Tesla successfully advancing this technology.