Gwen Malone was a General Motors Technical Fellow and Senior Manager of Ergonomics, GM Global Manufacturing Engineering. She led General Motors Global Ergonomics Team, setting ergonomic policies and direction for the automaker. Gwen’s team collaborated globally across multi-functional engineering and manufacturing teams and GM unions where she directed the implementation of strategies to prevent or address the ergonomics and safety and health of GM world-wide employee population. Gwen served on the United States Council Automotive Research (USCAR) - Manufacturing Technical Council, alongside Ford and FCA, where she collaborated with universities and other industry leaders to improve virtual technologies and ergonomic standards and best practices for the industry. Gwen led and chaired several key diversity initiatives for General Motors Women and African Americans Ancestry. She has received several GM and external awards and served as chair of several professional committees.
BS from Eastern Michigan University and MPH U-M Ann Arbor. Of note, Gwen currently serves as inaugural chair of the BIPOC AG.