Laura D. Strater is a Raytheon Engineering Fellow, Chief Engineer for User Experience and Manager for the Advanced User Experience Team within Raytheon Intelligence and Space’s (RI&S) Department 22. Her responsibilities include defining, applying and updating user centered design processes to deliver mission capabilities that meet user needs for RI&S’ portfolio of product lines. She has over 25 years of experience in Human Factors Engineering, Situation Awareness (SA), and User Experience (UX). Prior to joining Raytheon in 2015, she was a researcher and the VP of Innovation and Business Development at SA Technologies, Inc., a world leader in the research, design, measurement, modeling, and training of Situation Awareness (SA). Her research focused on identifying SA requirements – the information users need to meet their objectives and make effective decisions; measuring SA in both experimental and operational settings; cognitive modeling of SA, and trust in automation. Since joining Raytheon, she has focused on applying this research focus to the design and development of complex systems. She received her BS in Industrial Engineering from Texas Tech University and completed the coursework for a PhD in Human Development and Communication Sciences - Cognition and Neuroscience, from the University of Texas at Dallas.
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