Robert S. Gutzwiller
Robert Gutzwiller studies the critical role of the human in complex systems. His work scientifically applies cognitive engineering to cyberspace, transportation, and defense. His recent research also focuses on engineering human attention (How do humans select what task to do when they are multitasking and overwhelmed, and can models predict this behavior?), human-automation interaction (How do humans learn to interact with and trust complex systems, particularly those which use automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning?), and defensive cyberspace operations (How does a cyber analyst protecting networks develop awareness? Could cognitive techniques be used against would-be attackers to make defenses more robust? How can we build automated defenses that operators trust and understand?).
Gutzwiller has been funded and worked on projects for the Army Research Office, Assistant Secretary of Defense, DARPA, NASA, and the Office of Naval Research, among others.