Tara Brown
Dr. Tara (Rench) Brown is a Senior Scientist and serves as the Lead Scientist of Aptima, Inc.’s Training, Learning and Readiness Division. Her technical work primarily focuses on the optimization of individual and team learning and development processes through the marrying of learning theory, instructional design principles, domain knowledge, and data- and AI-driven support tools that provide tailored feedback to instructors and students to allow for the strategic assessment, management, and augmentation of the learning experience. Additionally, Dr. Brown has extensive experience in developing and validating subjective, objective, and fused measures of individual and team constructs to assess and optimize performance within both training and operational contexts. In her nearly 10 years at Aptima, Dr. Brown has led and supported dozens of contracts for Department of Defense (DoD) customers, spanning the Army, Navy, Marine Corp, and Air Force. Dr. Brown holds a PhD and MA in Organizational Psychology from Michigan State University, and a BS in Psychology from Wright State University. She is a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and has co-authored several conference presentations, journal articles, and book chapters.